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Our expertise lies in finding and recruiting top level executives in mining, renewable energy, cleantech, engineering, construction, and finance for management & board level executive positions.


Mine-To-Energy Recruitment Solutions in America

Offering specialist HR services, we provide our clients with a comprehensive package tailored to meet their needs ensuring all their international HR requirements can be met by one service provider.


International Recruitment Solutions

Offering specialist HR services, we provide our clients with a comprehensive package tailored to meet their needs ensuring all their international HR requirements can be met by one service provider.

GateSource HR

An international recruitment company specializing in executive placements and recruitment solutions in North and South America as well as the Caribbean regions. We have recruitment expertise in both traditional mining and critical mineral mining, finance, manufacturing, and engineering. GateSource has the global reach required to source the best candidates available for placement in both local and international markets.

We can assist with permanent recruitment and interim management solutions, C-Suite, and board level executive searches. With local and cross border capacity, extensive cross-cultural experience, and services available in English, French and Spanish, GateSource HR can assist in bridging the gap and connecting the right candidates to the right positions in the right markets. Our ability to operate in cross cultural and multilingual environments enables us to tap into a network of candidates uniquely suited to international placements.

We provide PEO/EOR solutions allowing you to streamline and outsource your contractor payroll, allowing easy access to the market of your choice with minimal complications.

Partnering extensively with mining companies, investors and engineering firms and manufacturers throughout the Americas and the Caribbean, GateSource HR is well placed to assist in the successful placement of your next executive level position.

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GateSource HR specializes in HR services and executive recruitment for hard-to-fill senior positions in various industries:

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GateSource HR

Our Experience

With more than a decade’s experience recruiting senior positions in some of the most demanding located around the globe, our consultants have a unique understanding of what finding the right talent for the right role means.

Our in-depth knowledge of country specific challenges provides significant advantage for C-level decision-makers with whom we partner.  Offers a competitive edge to their business when it comes to identifying and securing the right candidate for the job set our company apart.

Thanks to our multilingual and multicultural background, we have developed a truly multinational network of candidates affording our clients the opportunity to maximise the benefits of a multicultural workspace.

Gatesource HR

Our Approach

The world economy is evolving at an ever-faster pace, and new technologies are fuelling the transformation of industries around the world. GateSource HR is adaptive and flexible, adopting a customer-centric approach to international recruitment and HR services. Our insight allows us to anticipate our clients’ needs and share relevant market insight and knowledge effectively.

This integrated philosophy is extended with regards to candidates, organisational placement, and job suitability. We focus on providing candidates with relevant career advice with an emphasis on nurturing global talent to maximise the positive impact within future organizations.

After a thorough discussion and detailed analysis of your requirements, we provide a bespoke HR and recruitment solution for each request.

Gatesource HR

Our Candidates

Our team members’ decades of combined international experience have allowed us to build up a network of qualified and available talent from all global locations. Our candidates tend to contact us first when they feel it is time to make a change – an indication of their trust in our services and abilities.

As our candidate you can rest assured that we consider trust and confidentiality to be of the utmost importance. We understand that making a career move – particularly an international move – can be very stressful. We commit to walking with you through every step of the process. We further commit to never divulging your personal or professional details to a client or third party without your express permission.