Critical Minerals and the Energy Transition Drive Mining Recruitment and Investment in British Columbia, Canada.

While 2022 was a challenging year for Mining in British Columbia due predominantly to high interest rates, high inflation figures and reduced access to finance, 2023 is set to show improvement as interest in Critical Mineral Mining and the Energy Transition drive the sector forward.

Costs of exploration such as drilling and helicopter costs remain high and financing remains elusive, but the cohesiveness in government opinion regarding the necessity of critical mineral mining to both the BC economy and the energy transition movement is unprecedented. With trade level negotiations taking place on a federal and international level, critical mineral mining is set to reform the mining landscape both locally in BC and abroad.

British Columbia is best known for its copper-gold porphyry deposits, there is also potential for silver and nickel mining. Copper is included in Canada’s critical mineral list and is an integral component of electric vehicle manufacturing as well as being an essential component in all other electricity related technologies.

The importance of critical minerals to the transition to clean energy cannot be understated. The huge increase in critical minerals due to the energy transition will result in the energy sector emerging as a major component in critical mineral mining markets. If the Paris climate Agreement goals are to be met, the energy sector will command 40% of the global demand for copper 60%-70% for nickel and cobalt and almost 90% for lithium.

The Canadian governments critical mineral strategy clearly underlines the importance of this sector to Canadian economy and people. The strategy states that Canada aims to increase the supply of critical minerals and support the development of domestic and global value chains in cleantech and green energy sectors. Critical minerals are the foundation on which cleantech, and modern technology is built. British Columbia mining recruitment is positioned to strengthen as employers seek qualified and experienced professionals to head up the new operations. The pending global demand for these minerals is a generational opportunity for Canadians workers and the Canadian economy to position Canada as a leader in the responsible supply of these resources. By developing the required skills in the workforce and building a globally competitive economy, Canada can contribute to the fight against climate change while building a sustainable and strong future for all Canadians.

Qualified and experienced critical mineral mining professioanals looking for a new challenge and British Columbia mining houses looking to fill executive and board level positions are encouraged to contact the GateSource HR Mining Recruitment Team to take advantage of the current market conditions.