Ontario Mining Recruitment

Ontario Mining Recruitment

The Ontario mining industry in predominantly located in the northern regions of the province. Sudbury, Timmins, and Red Lake are the major mining centres representing a world class mining supply and services sector. Over 900 companies in Ontario provide a wide range of services to both local and international mining operations, making Ontario mining jobs a sought-after placement in terms of career development.

In 2020, Ontario produced over $10 billion worth of minerals, making it the leading mining jurisdiction in Canada. Ontario is the largest producer of copper, zinc, and silver in Canada. In 2020, in excess of 26,000 people were employed directly in Ontario Mining Jobs with an additional 50,000 employed indirectly by the industry. With over 200 active mines and mining projects, and over 50 new mines and major expansions planned, Ontario mining recruitment is set to soar in the near future. The mining industry is a significant source of employment with local communities having a substantial percentage of their workforce employed in mining. 

Ontario mining offers a wide range of employment opportunities including skilled trades, engineering, geology, environmental science, finance, and management positions. The Ontario mining employment statistics indicate a diverse workforce with many women, indigenous peoples and new Canadians working in the industry. The Ontario government has launched several initiatives to support workforce development in local communities which has clearly paid dividends in terms of community relations and development. Exploration and development of new mineral resources in Ontario is ongoing. The Ring of Fire in the northern Ontario region has significant potential for chromite, nickel, and other minerals.

The mining industry in Ontario is heavily regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines (ENDM). The ministry is also responsible for promoting investment in the mining sector and ensuring that mining activities are conducted in an environmentally sustainable manner. Various initiatives focused on sustainability and environmental stewardship have been developed with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of mining activities including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving water management, and protecting biodiversity. The adoption of new technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence and data analytics have helped to improve efficiency and safety in mining operations in Ontario while opening news opportunities in Ontario mining recruitment.

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