South America

South America is an attractive option to investors looking for international growth. The continent offers many opportunities from abundant natural resources (metals, ore, forest, water and arable lands), a diversity of climates and landscapes to a relatively stable political and social structure. Ease of access to the US and Canadian markets provides a gateway to execellent infrastructure and deep talent pools. 

Mining in South America

Entering into a new cleaner energy era, South America offers key opportunites to assist in the transition to an alternative low-carbon emission industrial system. While precious metals like gold and silver have been mined for centuries in the region, Andean countries like Peru and Chile are copper-producing giants. This future facing metal offers opportunities for growth in the new energy sector.

Other commodities are also needed for the 21st centurys energy requitrements. Brazil has vast reserves of Nickel. Nickel is key in the electrification and replacement of the global fleet of combustion engines. The construction and deployment of solar and wind farms will also require nickel. Lithium, another key mineral, is found extensively in South America. The largest reserves worldwide are located in the Lithium Triangle, comprised of Chile, Argentina and Bolivia.

The demand for other metals indirectly required in the manufacturing of electrical vehicles or batteries will also grow. South American countries offer potential to produce zinc, lead and molybdenum.

Colombia has long been a producer and exporter of thermal coal.  Now looking at diversification, Columbia is now boosting its mining sector with investments geared towards copper and ph commodities.

Ecuador has recently shifted its focus to mining with the discovery of massive copper reserves and the beginning of commercial production of gold.

Slightly under the radar are Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana; these countries are part of the Guyana Shield, which is the counterpart of the West African region in geological terms. Hence an immense potential for gold and bauxite in an underexplored part of the world.

Brazil is the iron ore powerhouse of the region, ranking second largest exporter in the world and sitting on massive untapped deposit in the states of Minas Gerais and Pará. The country is also encouraging investment in other commodities like phosphates to cater for its agricultural industry needs.

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