Colombia Mining Recruitment

Colombia Mining Recruitment

Due to increased government support, the Columbian mining sector is experiencing significant growth with Columbian mining recruitment and job opportunities on the rise. Junior mining companies in particular will find the projects available in Columbia to be attractive. There are also promising opportunities for mining equipment, technology, and services companies in the mining industry.

Columbia is the world’s largest emerald producer. Located in the province of Boyacá, the sector has a history of crime, unsafe labour practices and corruption however the government has made huge strides in developing the area and promoting it to foreign investors. International companies investing in the area have contributed to increased transparency and best practice procedures being followed. This has transformed the region into a world class mining operation with best practices, procedures and equipment being used.

A diverse range of Columbian mining jobs have opened up in this sector as the sector embraces clean tech and new innovations. Columbia has a well-educated work force with a literacy rate of 94.5% and a high number of university graduates. The unemployment rate in 2020 was 14.3%. Columbia mining recruitment statistics indicate a growing need for highly skilled and experiences professionals and the mining industry is no exception.

Columbia mining jobs represented 1.5% of the country’s total employment at 330,000 in 2020. Recently implemented policies aimed at promoting sustainable mining practices and improving working conditions have helped to formalize small scale and artisanal mining operations. Columbia mining recruitment offers opportunities for engineers, geologists, technicians, and operators as well as employment in support industries such as logistics, transportation, and equipment manufacturing. A noticeable trend in Columbia mining recruitment is the importance of environmental stewardship and social equality.

Mining companies are expected to engage with local communities and operate in an environmentally responsible manner, obtain environmental permits where necessary and implement measures to reduce the use of water and energy.

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