Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

GateSource HR executive search team operates throughout North and South America and the Caribbean region to service the growing renewable energy sector. From solar to wind turbines and hydroelectric electric power, our consultants can source the specialists you need to lead your renewable energy projects. We work with Independent Power Producers (IPP) throughout the value chain from development and financing through to engineering & construction, operations & maintenance, and asset management.

 Despite the fact that venture capital financing showed a moderate decline in 2022, the growth in energy investment has been evident worldwide. If the effects of climate change were not enough to convince sceptics of the need for alternative energy sources, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine left no doubt as to the dangers of reliance oil and gas.

Renewables are here to stay, and opportunities abound for those who able to lead, innovate and grow this sector. With 15 years of experience recruiting in the global market with extensive Latin America and Caribbean experience, GateSource HR can assist you in addressing the specific challenges facing companies in these regions and help you navigate the cultural and linguistic framework.

GateSource HR executive search consultants and recruitment team have many years of experience providing recruitment solutions in complex environments globally and will be able to provide a bespoke solution to cater for the individual needs of your company.

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