Our Services

Executive Search

Our Executive Search model gives business owners, organization leaders and company shareholders the opportunity to identify, target and reach out to Board-level and C-level individuals around the globe.

Our team has experience researching, interacting with, and recruiting international executives for corporate positions in the mining, agriculture, food, finance, FMCG and energy industries in remote locations as well as global business hubs in the EMEA, LAC and Oceania regions. We have placed executives of various nationalities in senior roles, for example CEO, CFO, NED, as well as other board-level executives like VP HR, VP Engineering, CIO, etc.

International Recruitment

With a widespread skills-shortage and industry demands for the best talent with management experience in technology, finance, and engineering, looking beyond traditional borders for recruitment options is an added tool the corporate recruiter can use.

Whether you struggle to fill that critical on-site management position, or will consider recruiting candidates to work remotely, GateSource HR can assist you in making the relevant choice amongst different recruitment scenarios and candidate profiles fitting your hard skills requirements as well as the soft skills your business culture needs.

Over the years, our team have delivered on international and local recruitment mandates to place Managers, Senior Managers and Directors in roles such as Managing Director, General Manager, Finance Manager, Sales Manager, IT Manager, HR Manager, Production Manager, HSE Manager, Supply Chain Manager, etc. in the Mining, Energy, Transport, Finance, Manufacturing, FMCG and Agricultural industries.


GateSource HR partners with renowned assessment experts to assist our clients in their hiring decision-making process.

The assessment tools are beneficial in ascertaining the behaviour profile of a candidate. Understanding elements such as strengths and weaknesses, deep motivations, stress management capacity, communication style, preferred management style, etc. can assist in selecting the best candidate for the role.

Interim Management

GateSource HR offers Interim Management solutions to clients, who have a dire need for someone immediately available, with no notice period.

Typically, an Interim Manager is a highly experienced professional and an expert in his/her field and is available immediately to take on an assignment for a short to medium term period. Case scenarios include the sudden need for the replacement of a management staff member for a specific limited period, the need for team reinforcement to respond to an increase of business activity, or a specific project to deliver on.

More specifically, Interim Executives intervene on sensitive and critical corporate issues at a more senior level. Case scenarios include any complex situation in the lifecycle of an organization that will be considered as a transition period: business turnaround, restructuring, M&A, IPO, change management, project management, etc.

Interim Management solutions can offer a substantial added value at a critical moment for a business. Please get in touch with us to discuss how this solution can be tailor-made to suit your needs in your country of operation: [email protected]