GateSource HR executive search consultants and recruitment team have 15 years of experience recruiting in the global market with extensive North and South America, and Caribbean exposure. The international Cleantech industry is driven by technological advancements around the production of renewable energy, manufacturing batteries with better storage performance and less impact on environmental pollution, EV charging capabilities, carbon absorption and hydrogen production.

The cleantech sector provides a wealth of job opportunities for creative innovation leading businesses into a greener more sustainable future. Cleantech has expanded its influence into almost every aspect of modern living. From optimising food production and minimizing waste to producing clean burning fuels.

While increasing the production of renewable energy and decreasing reliance on oil and gas is a huge step forward in ensuring a sustainable future, Cleantech innovation is essential if we are to utilise these resources effectively and achieve long term climate and energy goals. Research, innovation, and opportunity are the cornerstones of the Cleantech industry.

GateSource HR can assist you finding the best talent to develop and lead your Cleantech projects, accessing the global talent pool available for international placements.

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