North America

With renowned international financial centres like Toronto and New York, and hubs for mining houses and contractors such as Vancouver, Montreal, Denver and Miami, the USA and Canada are global magnets for mining projects and infrastructure investments. Home to the two largest gold mining companies in the world, Newmont Mining Corporation and Barrick Gold Corporation, the deep mining traditions and culture embedded in the history of the countries offer execellent mining infrastructure and supprt..

America and Canada have always ranked amongst top mining jurisdictions in the world and in order to leverage their mining potential and sustain a growing worldwide demand for metals and commodities: base metals, precious metals, minerals, rare earths, there is a continuing need for experienced professionals in all spheres of the industry.

As of 2020, in excess of 250 metal mines are in operation in the USA. The top ranking mining states include Nevada, Alaska, Colorado, California and Arizona boasting world-class gold mining operations. Other states such as Minnesota and Michigan host the 5 largest iron ore mines the country.

Copper mining is situated mostly in Arizona and Utah with mines belonging the Phoenix headquartered Freeport-McMoRan operation, the worlds second largest producer of copper and gold.

In Canada, 3 provinces account for the majority of mining activities in the country. The French-speaking province of Québec is rich with gold, copper, zinc, diamonds, silver, titanium, nickel, cobalt, platinum, niobium, and also features smelters and refineries. Ontario hosts Toronto and its premier stock-exchange for mining investors (TSX). The Ontario province is known for mining gold, palladium, platinum, copper, zinc, diamonds, nickel, cobalt, silver, salt, and uranium refining. British Colombia is known for commodities such as metallurgical coal, aluminum, copper, gold, molybdenum, lead and zinc.

Canada and the USA are at the frontline of mining investments instrmental in pushing the economy forward. A global ecosystem is in place that creates a self generated need for industrial engineering and construction projects. These include  civil, wind, water, power generation, process plant, roads and railway.

The need for professional engineering expertise in all disciplines has never been greater. A global skills shortage provised exceptional opportunituies for experienced professionals.

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