Arizona Mining Recruitment

Arizona Mining Recruitment

Arizona hosts one the largest copper mine industries in the world. Arizona accounts for 68% of copper production in the USA. Copper mining and production started in the state over a 100 years ago and continues to make a significant contribution to the state economy. In addition to copper, Arizona is also a large producer of gold. Gold deposits are located in the western part of the state in the Vulture and Bradshaw mountains.

Arizona mining jobs are a significant source of employment in the state. In 2020 the Arizona mining industry contributed over $7.5 billion to Arizona’s GDP and supported over 36,000 direct and indirect jobs. Arizona mining job opportunities are diverse. Positions include openings for mining engineers, geologists, miners and equipment operators, maintenance technicians, environmental and safety professionals.

Mining in Arizona is regulated by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). The ADEQ aims to promote environmentally sound mining practices. The US energy transition goals and policies will further cement Arizona as a key mining state as the need for copper increases. Copper is an essential component in energy transition process and new opportunities for development in areas such as Oak Flat where large additional copper deposits are located. The trend in Arizona mining recruitment indicates an increase in demand for skilled workers especially in the areas of environmental management, engineering, and geology.

The mining industry has also placed an increased emphasis on diversity and inclusion and companies are actively seeking candidates from diverse backgrounds. With advances in technology transforming the work environment, training and development have become essential to employees. Programs have resulted in recruitment of mentoring and leadership positions. Data analysis, automation and robotics are key skills for many mining jobs. With a growing focus on the sustainability of mining and its role in the energy transition, companies are working hard to minimise their environmental impact. This is reflected in Arizona Mining recruitment trends as companies recruit and retain workers who can evolve and adapt to the changing market environment and industry norms. Employees with skills in environmental science and renewable energy will find many Arizona Mining jobs available.

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