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Our Expertise Template

The United States remains of the largest producers and consumers of minerals and metals globally and major contributor to the US economy. USA mining recruitment statistics indicate that despite a drop from record mining employment figures in 2014 where in excess of 842,000 employees were engaged in direct USA mining jobs and employment, in 2021 the industry employed a healthy 512,000 locally.

In 2020, the 12 714 active mines contributed 57 billion USD to the American economy. Sand and gravel, stone and coal have traditionally been the largest contributors by volume and serve to facilitate the many construction projects undertaken annually but higher priced commodities mined in lessor quantities are also large contributors to the economy. Traditionally these would centre around gold and silver, but recent developments now necessitate the inclusion of critical minerals such as copper, cobalt, lithium, and nickel as their demand surges in response to the energy transition movement.

Mining resources in the USA are distributed along both the East and West coast with Arizona, Nevada and Texas being the top three mineral producing states.

The US mining sector continues to make a significant impact in terms of domestic employment. The reduction in employment in recent years is largely the result of technical advances and automation of various process to increase safety and decrease costs. This shift in employment profile has changed the USA mining recruitment landscape, with a greater emphasis being placed on more skilled positions.

As the energy transition requires the move to renewable and clean energy sources, new mining initiatives are underway in previously unmined areas with the focus on extraction of critical minerals. With increased pressure to operate in an energy efficient and environmentally responsible manner, the need for expertise in renewables and green energy has surged.

It is no longer possible to rely only on local recruitment opportunities to service large scale mining operations. The need to recruit globally to reach the best talent available and compete on an international level often determines the success or failure of a project. The ability of employees to operate on a global level has become paramount to local employers as the US strives for energy independence while maintaining strategic relationships with global partners.

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