The Caribbean

GateSource HR has regional expertise in the Caribbean recruitment sector and is able accomodate recruitment requests for senior level managment and executive staff in a variety of sectors.

Thanks to our multilingual capabilities, we are able to support our clients in the English-speaking, French-speaking, Spanish-speaking and Dutch-speaking Caribbeans.

Over the years, our consultants have assisted private banks, offshore funds, insurance companies and audit firms in their search for unique skill sets and specifications. Thanks to our international network, we are able to leverage our vast pool of candidates of all nationalities to present shortlists of qualified offshore finance professionals to our clients.

At the crossroads of large consumers markets, the Central American and Caribbean region is also home to regional head quarters of multinationals in the FMCG industry. Being able to match the right candidates to occupy key positions in these organizations is our speciality.

The islands nations of the region are also home to a vibrant tourism industry. International hospitality groups and private investors from North America and Europe are investing in the construction of resorts that can offer senior management positions for experienced candidates.

The region offers unique challenges in terms of market size, the remoteness of certain islands and the limited amount of natural resources available,. This has created opportunities for other industries and we see a number of renewable energy projects blooming across the Caribbean.

From Sint Maarten to Curaçao and Aruba, from Cuba to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, from Jamaica and the Caymans Island to the British Virgin Islands, from Trinidad and Tobago to Barbados, from Haiti to Martinique, GateSource HR will provide you with the recruitment service you need to grow your business in the Caribbean.