Mexico Mining Recruitment

Mexico Mining Recruitment

Mexico has a long history of mining dating back to pre-Columbian times and mining is still one of Mexico’s most important economic sectors. Mexico is the world’s largest producer of Silver with significant deposits of gold, copper, zinc, and lead. The mining industry is diverse with both large-scale industrial mining operations and small-scale artisanal mining. The main mining locations are Zacatecas in central Mexico, Sonora located in northwest Mexico, Chihuahua located in northern Mexico, Guerrero located in southern Mexico and Durango located in north-central Mexico. In 2020, Mexico produced 11.7 million tons of copper, 230.000 tons of lead, 385.000 tons of zinc and 6.3 million tons of gold.  

Mining is regulated by the Ministry of Economy through the General Coordination of Mining Development. Mining in Mexico has been faced with many challenges including conflict over environmental management policies, social inequities, and illegal mining practices. The Mexican government has implemented various steps to help address the issues including establishing a mining fund to support environmental remediation and community development projects in mining regions. Social impact assessments are conducted prior to the development of new mining operations and the fair distribution of scarce water resources assessed.

Mexico has attracted significant foreign investments in the mining sector due to its abundant mineral resources and favourable investment climate. In 2020, the Mexico mining industry received $4.3 billion in foreign investments. Multinational mining companies investing in Mexico bring much needed capital, technology and expertise to the industry and drive economic growth. Mexican mining jobs are a significant contribution to local economies. Approximately 300,000 to 400,000 mining jobs are currently registered.

Mexico mining jobs vary from entry level positions such miners and machine operators to technical and professional roles such engineers, geologists, and environmental specialists. Mexico mining recruitment is influenced by various factors such as government polies, industry trends and economic conditions. GateSource HR is a specialist in mining recruitment in the Mexican region.

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