Alaska Mining Recruitment

Alaska Mining Recruitment


Alaska mining operations are a significant contributor to the state’s economy. Alaska mining is currently centralised around the extraction of gold, silver, zinc, and copper with a potential for future operations in critical minerals as the state takes advantage of the transition to clean energy.

Due to the remote location of mining operations, Alaska mining recruitment presents a challenge to local operators as they seek to fill leadership and highly skilled positions on site. Due to the scale of mining operations and expertise required to manage and grow large scale development projects, recruitment for Alaska mining jobs has needed to extend beyond the borders of the state to reach a global network of professionals. As international relations take centre stage in managing USA energy independence, the ability to communicate globally and build relationships with strategic partners becomes an essential skill for executive placements. The ability to identify with the needs of local communities and merge these with the requirements for sustainable mining operations and a transition to clean energy will help ensure the success of both local and corporate objectives.

Traditionally, mining has provided important employment opportunities to local communities, helping to develop a sustainable workforce and provide education and upliftment in rural communities however there is room for growth. Recorded mining jobs in Alaska in 2020 represented 3600 positions with an additional 4,300 jobs in mining related activities. This represents only a small fraction of the 300,000 individuals employed in Alaska in total that year. Despite not being a major source of employment in state, the mining industry did provide important economic benefits. In 2020, Alaska mining jobs and mineral production contributed $2.4 billion to the state’s economy. Large scale investment in infrastructure and logistic support also provides significant benefits to the economy.

The Alaska mining recruitment process requires the input of internationally networked specialists with extensive local and international experience. GateSource HR can assist with your executive and niche mining recruitment needs for both contract and permanent positions.

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