Chile Mining Recruitment

Chile Mining Recruitment

Chile is the worlds leading producer of copper, accounting for about 30% of global production. Production of copper in 2020 totalled 5.7 million tons of copper. Mining contributes 10% to Chile’s GDP and 50% to total exports from the country.

Chile mining jobs account for approximately 200,000 positions directly and indirectly related to mining. Copper mining in Chile is concentrated in the northern regions of the country, particularly the Atacama Desert area. Other commodities mined in Chile include molybdenum, gold, silver, lithium, coal, and iron-ore.

Chile has a well-developed mining infrastructure including ports, railways, and highways. Chile is also the world largest producer of Lithium, a key component in electric vehicle batteries. Salar de Atacama is currently one of the world’s largest lithium reserves. Salar de Atacama is a salt flat located in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile and is thought to hold 27% of the world’s lithium reserves. Lithium is extracted from the brines beneath the salt flat through evaporation. After the brine is pumped to the surface and left to evaporate in large surface ponds, lithium salts are left behind which are then further processed into battery grade lithium. Chile mining recruitment trends indicate an increase in demand for professionals with digital skills such as data analysis and artificial intelligence. There is a focus on diversity and inclusion as Chile strives to reform a historically male dominated work force. Technical advancements and changing workforce environments require candidates to have superior communications and networking skills with the ability to adapt to new environments.

Chile mining jobs offer the opportunity to develop your career in a market with enormous potential. Chile’s lithium and copper reserves alone place it as the forefront of future global mining operations as the world transitions to cleaner energy. GateSource HR is at the forefront of Chilian mining recruitment and can assist you in recruiting the best talent for executive and leadership positions within your organisation. Contact GateSource HR to discuss your next career move or recruitment needs in Chile.

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