Quebec Mining Recruitment

Quebec Mining Recruitment

Quebec mining represented $11 billion worth of production in 2020, employing 45,000 people directly in Quebec mining jobs and a further 20,000 indirectly in mining related activities. Mining takes place in the northern parts of the province with Abitibi-Temiscamingue and Cote-Nord being the major mining centres. There are several government incentives in place to support the mining industry including tax incentives for exploration and development, investment in infrastructure and support for research and development.

 Quebec is the second largest mining jurisdiction in Canada and is a major producer of copper, zinc and silver. In 2021, Quebec’s government announced plans to invest $60 million over 5 years to support the development of a critical mineral processing facility in the province. An additional $6 million has been made available to contribute towards the development of a new electric mining vehicle. The vehicle is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve worker safety in the industry.

The Quebec mining industry is dynamic and constantly evolving making is a dynamic environment to expand career opportunities. Quebec mining jobs reflect the diversity of the mining landscape and offer positions for highly skilled technicians to environmental specialists and entrepreneurs and project developers.

Quebec mining recruitment extends internationally as the large scale operation seek professionals with global experience and expertise. The energy transition has changed the focus of Ontario mining recruitment as companies seek alternative skill sets and management skills to lead their operation forward. The development of new mines and projects to address the need for critical minerals presents the opportunity to redesign mining operations and focus on sustainable mining operations that embrace community development and environmental stewardship as cornerstones of their operations.

Quebec has deposits of several key critical minerals needed in production of green energy including lithium and graphite. Both lithium and graphite are needed in the production of lithium ion batteries and other high tech products. The development of these reserves presents a huge opportunity for growth in the province while contributing to the global transition to a more sustainable and low carbon future.

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