Is there a demand for finance professionals in the Caribbean?

The biggest hurdle facing companies in the Caribbean is fiscal management. The Cayman Islands, Bahama, Bermuda, BVI, Barbados, Sans Kitts and Nevis face a severe shortage of skilled finance professionals and the need for expatriates with finance experience and suitable qualifications has never been higher.

A report from the Inter-American Development Bank indicated that if businesses had better access to development finance professionals, they could witness significant growth. A growth in these companies would have knock on effects assisting the region to alleviate poverty and pave the way to improved economic development, infrastructure and income equality.

Companies understand that there is a close link between finance professionals, accessible financial systems, and economic development. Finance professionals like CFO’s, auditors, CA’s, and CPA are in demand worldwide. These qualifications represent expertise that are key in terms of financial and developmental success. Finance has transformed globally and it is time for finance in Caribbean countries to benefit from these advances too.

Caribbean countries face many financial challenges such as inadequate funding and high borrowing costs. An experienced and competent financial manager can mean the difference between success and failure. Entrepreneurs wanting to finance and grow their own companies require the assistance of the best financial professionals available. Investing in professional expertise ensures a return on their investment even in challenging environments.

How to source finance professionals?

How do you source the best candidates available? How can you be sure the financial managers you hire will have the right skill set for your company? An experienced and well-connected recruitment company can assist you to make the correct choices and access the best candidates. Recruitment companies can also drastically shorten the time required to source these candidates ensuring the timely engagement and employment of the best professionals. Recruitment companies also ensure a good fit culturally and lifestyle wise ensuring a seamless integration into your organization.