Cementation Industry Outlook and Recruitment Opportunities.

The cementing industry in the US is primarily concerned with cementing, pumping and mixing services provided to oil and gas wells in the region. The services extend to maintenance as well as plugging.  The key external drivers in the market include the direct demand from oil drilling and gas extraction, global crude oil and natural gas pricing and regulation in the mining sector.  As crude oil and natural gas prices rise. An increase in resource extraction is expected which will bode well for the sector. This predicted growth over the next 5 years resulting from greater investment from oil drilling and gas extraction companies should result in demand returning to a long-term equilibrium. The expected rebound of the global economy and demand for cementation services will be tempered by increasingly strict regulation and environmental monitoring in the years to come.

The dominant players in the US sector are Halliburton Company, Schlumberger Limited, Baker Hughes Company and Weatherford International Plc. Globally the cementation market exceeded USD 8,8b in 2108 with expected growth to USD16,6b by 2026.  

As the cementation sector grows, so does the demand for skilled professionals. Cementation recruitment opportunities in the US extend from engineering to research and development. From finance, information technology and safety management to supply chain management and human resources, the employment opportunities are diverse and well remunerated.The cementation industry provides a dynamic work environment with constantly changing challenges. The ability to innovate and adapt is essential in the cementation work environment with employees being exposed to continuous development opportunities to enhance the skill sets and leadership potential.

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